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The Story Behind the Story

This post is the story behind "this post" :D.

It is Sunday afternoon and both bloggers and designers fill seats at the theater hosted on Hope 5 by Prim and Pixel to learn about blogs and bloggers.

* * * * * * * * *

Now most of you know that I have been building as long as I have been blogging. I am not a top tier creator but my SL earnings pay a good percentage of my monthly bills.

I have well over 5,000 SL blog post under my belt.

So "who" showed up at the event. Chic the builder or Chic the blogger?

The blogger won.  Happily the sim was running well and typing was quick and easy. Quite a few of us had things to say as our fingers replied to the voice conversations going on.

We spent most of the hour talking about how to find "niche" bloggers, specifically for Cain Maven of Maven Homes who builds some incredibly lovely --  and large -- homes.

It is difficult sometimes with one leg in the designer world and the other in that of the press. I usually find myself defending the bloggers though. I don't think designers as a whole understand "us" all that well.  Happily I have a great group of folks that I blog for. I like their work. They like mine. I tend to believe we respect each other.

The details of the conversations aren't all that important; they seemed both fair and balanced. While I suspect that I am an atypical blogger -- keeping only those things that I know I might use in the future or are just too wonderfully nichey (yep, I know that isn't a word but it should be). Still we are not all greedy folks who just want to stuff our inventories to see who can reach 150,000 items first.

Cain was generally upset that his houses often become the backdrop for furnishing, fashion and OMG skin posts.  Now, I am REALLY smiling here as I was undoubtedly in that list of sinners.  A year ago, the DAY I got my Maitreya body, I did a blog post on one of his smaller houses.  And yes, I was showing off my new body, so in love with it. You could of course see the house prominently in many photos taken and it may have generated some sales or interest. At least I didn't fill it with furniture and decor.

I take no offense whatsoever at being one of his failed blogging attempts (my words, not his at all). And again, I am still smiling.

So THAT'S the story behind the post of yesterday -- which as of this writing I have not done. I am heading over to Expo now completely clothed and with no intent at all to even be IN THE PHOTO.  And perhaps, this time, I'll do a better job *wink*.


Now I don't think anyone will understand why a blogger blog, what drives us and calls us with a Siren's song. No doubt we each have our own reasons.

I enjoyed my Architectural Digest-esce photo shoot yesterday eve. On many levels, it had me smiling -- and I sometimes forget that part of the puzzle.

My post turned out more like a poem than an ad, which seemed to be what was wanted.  But  -- at least there was no underwear *wink*.

Go forth.

Be you! Be strong! Be true to yourselves!


Cain Maven said…
Oh, I wasn't upset at all - it was just a way of pointing out that there is a relative scarcity of bloggers who focus solely on the architectural aspects of a build. This is understandable, of course, and I could and should do much better at working with bloggers than I have been to date.

With all that said, your recent post on my Barcelona is *exactly* what I was referring to :)
Chic Aeon said…
:D. I seem to remember a "that's great. Thanks so much" type comment so I wasn't TOO worries, but really? LOL.

We really are narcissists at heart. Daily photos of our lovely avatar bodies frozen in amber in pixelated glory :D.

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