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Back To The Land

Sadly there is a story behind this post. It was in the queue for the 1st. I saw it happily scheduled --- I did I did.

Then, ON the first at noon I noted that there was NO post appearing. I scrambled and put another one up.  It wasn't until evening that I remember WHICH post has disappeared. Now, remembering is a good thing and I still had my photos --- but, I am NEVER as good with the prose that second time around. So apologies there.

Here is the main theme  -- as I remember it *wink and a sigh*.

The theme for The Challenge this month is FARM. Some of us did that Back To The Land thing long ago: some never left their home county. Either way, country life is a part of SOME of us!   

This Makeshift Sink from %Percent  definitely got my attention. SO reminiscent of days gone by.  There was a time when water came from a hose on the other side of the road. There was no plumbing and we often appeared at parties in that tardy manner because it took so long to bathe using a canner bath.  (Honest. How could I possibly make this up?).

So I smiled a lot when I unpacked this new release and immediately put it over at the farm at MOSP.  

The animations are fun, the idea super clever.

There are plenty of other great releases for this round and you can see them all on the official CHALLENGE blog.


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