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Coming to you this evening from Draftsman, a new venue that opens on the 20th. Sky and sand, waves and palms frame an impressive event area for home and garden. Architecture is the lead actor in this production and while most designers are still working -- or perhaps taking a break FROM working -- there are some impressive items out already.

This is a fencing set from Peaches; featuring softly glistening textures (I am suspecting Maya here), the modular pieces would be at home in many genres.

Draftsman is one of the few places you can stroll and wander though builds at your leisure. Very large display pads nestle between concrete pathways and ocean; smaller areas say hello from across the way.

If you have a home or are thinking about getting one, be sure and stop by. The builds will be up for two months before the next round begins; take your time, explore at a gentle pace and enjoy the ocean breezes.  I'll be sure and let you know when the doors officially open.

Over on the other side of town, Tres Chic has an expansive new layout for your shopping pleasure.  Two notable items come together for a pricture perfect profile.

From TUKINOWAGUMA, Montez -- a side wrapped chignon with messy tendrils.

And from Earthstones an extremely realistic earrings and necklace set in a Southwestern style. Metal can be silver or bronze and there are various stone to choose from.

Stories&Co. Signature Tank Dress

Poses by: EverGlow


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