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Snow Daze

Snow Daze

Is it time for snow?

Well in my corporeal neighborhood the answer seems to be no. We have had lovely October weather in November. October was pretty much like the typical February and who knows what December will bring. Mother Nature is definitely confused.

But in our virtual lives we have the power. So if it SEEMS like it should be snowing to you -- then it can be.

If you have one of the many Trompe Loeil houses that appeared on the scene this year, making it snow is as easy as -- well pretty darn easy.

Zip on over to Trompe Loeil and find your snow add on. Buy. TP home and unpack.

Rez the snow add on for your building. Then copy the POSITIONS from your existing house to the snow add on. Make sure you get the X coordinate in the X field and so on or your snow may end up hither and yon :D.

And you are ready until Spring thaw.


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