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H and G Finds

Whether you are one of the several hundred folks currently decorating their new trailers or an old-time home owner in need of some "new stuff", I have a few new discoveries for your styling pleasure.

First up, this super-fun trampoline bed lounger from DJ.SF (Decor Junction and Shutter Field).  There are three fabric versions to choose from and both PG and Adult versions.  What a great way to enjoy the outdoors.   Find them at Cosmopolitan.

Moving indoors -- these wooden blinds from the new ROIRO gacha at Cosmopolitan  are impressive. Well, let's make that Impressive with a capital "I".  Tons of detail and only half a land impact. Oh my!    ROIRO is one of my favorite  creators and the gacha includes many nice plants and decor items (some which can be traded in for copy versions) as well as a two story building.   Not being much of a gambler, I opted for the aftermarket for my shopping spree. These are mod for size, but work very well in the Chesepeake trailer.

My last REALLY great tip is this birch tree set from Landscaping by Felix.  Trees are very large with good LODs and seasonal texture change options.  A three pack includes single, double and tripple tree objects -- each at one land impact. It is a marvel and I am happy to see them populating the new trailer sims.


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