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Let There Be Dragons

Twice a year we get to wander  NEO JAPAN. One of my favorite shopping venues, it takes us back to the early days of Second life when wandering the shopping areas was a pastime, not a chore.  The ambiance add flavor to the event and both traditional and contemporary Asian themed items are featured.

As in previous years, there is a great gift (buy for $0) from Gabriel. Bellaza and Signature fits for the guys and Maitreya for the gals. Find the pack in a large vendor poster at the Gabriel booth.

I took a friend with me this morning. If you missed the lassitude & ennui Dragon animesh pet for The Ark, never fear -- main stores are a great way to shop!  Decide on your favorite color and add the little guy to your outfit. He floats and smiles a lot and now and then he flies around you.   And he will fly when YOU fly!

UNCOM Loki - Cozy Winter GACHA pants
Meva Thors Hammer Necklace Black


Pose by: Di's Opera


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