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Sansar Avatar 2.0 Take Two

In only a matter of days, the avatar has improved.   Nope, this isn't the official 2.0 avatar; it is a very reasonably priced  custom avatar based on the Linden version.  This gal has curves! 

There are a couple of downsides as you might expect. No face morphing so your face is the same as others. Only one library hair really worked for her as her head is not the same shape, but happily there is currently a privately created hair (only one so easy to fine) on the Store.  I tinted it the same basic color that Chic SL wears most often.

She is young and before my makerover  had a Kawaii look going for her. Light skin with some freckles and eyes that don't keep me awake at night.

Now my outfit was tricky; I won't lie.  It took a bit of time (maybe two minutes but I have a lot of Marvelous Designer time under my belt) to get this jumpsuit fitting. But fit it does and she is ready to Par- Tey.

The bangle didn't fit her arm correctly but you can now edit attachments in the dressing room. In the case of bracelets and watches, it too is a difficult task since you can't cam in close enough to see the wrist well. It is a step at a time trial and error event, but eventually I got it working and now it is saved in an outfit. [Edit: there is actually a tiny camera icon at the bottom of the inventory that will let you get closer to items that aren't naturally in view range.]

She comes with smaller than the official bikini panties and "pasties" built in (mandatory).   The jumpsuit is one I made and not in the store (too hard to adjust). The bangle is mine also.

Find it here.

Pose by the dressing room library


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