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Trailer Life

The trailers have arrived on Bellisseria. The release was spaced out over time but in eight hours all of the campers, trailers and tiny homes had been claimed.   Lani found a lovely plot on her second try and set up home.   

Trailers can be classy or grungy or somewhere in between but for many folks trailer life and beer go hand in hand.   If you need themed clutter for your new abode, or even if you aren't living that vagabond existence virtually, some new sixpack offerings from No59 may be just the final touch for your casual environment.  Sixpack bear givers to rez, wearable sixpacks and perma bottles complete with Bento holds (you don't want to ever run out of BEER!) can be found in various flavors at The Man Cave.    And if you already have a collection of No59 beer supplies, this is a nice addition to any themed styling!

Four days in the making, our Wolfington abode is complete.  All but a couple of hours of those long days were spent making new insides for the Chesapeake trailer.  With eight styles to choose from, this was my favorite. It is also not intrinsically "livable".   The home boasts a sturdy gangway entry with sturdy slider glass doors -- and one big room with lots of tiny windows.   I loved the outside but the inside -- not so much.   

After a bit of hair pulling I completed new interior walls, a kitchen, bedroom closets and cabinets and a dividing wall with sliding pocket door.   Well versed in the intricacies of trailer living it was easy to be realistic in my build and styling. Storage and built-ins are high on most tiny home dweller. 

The key to trailer living -- both virtual and corporeal -- is scale. Big overstuffed items don't work well in tight spaces, so small and "lite" designs were my picks for this cozy space.  Many items are from Trompe Loell and {what next} with a few of my own creations and some personal favorites from other creators.   Land impact wasn't a problem really. With such a small space I didn't  need to watch every prim. I still have about 50 of the 175 land impact points available.

The camper areas are very parklike with plenty of trees and rocks and water features. It really isn't trailer park living in the new Bellisseria sims, it is more akin to places that let folks buy land within a themed park area and place their movable homes into a more permanent setting.  Lani's plot is on a hill above a narrow dirt crossroads and across from a pond and waterfall. Very pretty. 


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