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Today's post is not about fashion or design -- well certainly not primarily. With time on my hands these days, I took a shopping trip -- and I enjoyed my adventure.  I found two new creators that I didn't know about, ones that are doing a good job IMO -- contrary to so many creators who have moved from low poly mesh to high (sometimes OMG really high) mesh, the kind that can bring computer framerates into the molasses range for some folks.

So aside from supporting them a bit with my meager purchases, I thought some kudos was in order.  And I am thinking that this may be a regular series of sort as there are still some folks in SL who care about how well their computer runs.

This morning's adventure took me to The Imaginarium Event at Gimme Gacha.  Things have changed there over the last year, but there are still some impressive items to be had -- and of course some anti-impressive items to stay away from LOL.   I get so very tired of inspecting "pretty" items only to find that the triangle count is enough to model most of a city (and honestly I am not really exaggerating; I wish I were).

First up for kudos is  Kaya's Ray of Sunshine by kayaray.   Her offering is a set of Bamboo Baskets with singles, couples and adult animations.  There is a texture change rare as well as a collection of pretty fabric versions.  You really can't go wrong on this gacha -- and that's the kind I like to play.

The bed is ten land impact which is reasonable and that land impact comes NOT from heavy mesh, but from good LODs --- definitely a better plan.  The triangle count is 35,912 and textures are also reasonable for this size of furniture.  All good.

My favorite gift from the Imaginarium is the .: RatzCatz :. Nautica *Oscar* Mirror.  One land impact, good LODs, reasonable triangle count and SO CUTE.

I was wondering what I would do with this little fellow, but for now he is keeping me company in my Belli bedroom.

If you love the octopus theme, the RatzCatz gacha is for you. Get some brothers and sister for your gift. Many choices - no "losers" (again, usually what I am after in a gacha LOL).


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