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Care Kitties

Most of us need some perking up these days.

KittyCats is helping with that.
Boy kitties in blue, girl kitties in pink.

These are permapets and do not need food. They also don't make kittens :D.
Super cute you can find them at various Firestorm areas (here's one) and at the main KittyCats shop.

I had forgotten HOW TINY newborn kittens are --- and how fast they move.

Pearl, the last permapet given out I believe, is now 2,444 days old and has been rezzed and roaming each of those days.

Stein (pets come prenamed) is a boy kitty and will be living in my large abode in Xenosaur.  I now have two land impact points left LOL. 

So grab your kitty and get some company.


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