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Secrets of Bakes On Mesh

Do I have all the secrets to using  BOM?  Alas, I do not. I have spent the last day and a half however changing out my avatar to the newer plan. It has been one confusing ride up a very steep learning curve hill.  Blender will still win that difficulty contest -- but after more than eight hours I am still pretty confused.   Here are a few tips to help other folks arriving tardily to the BOM party.

One of the big slogans since the advent of computers is SAVE OFTEN. That applies to your adventures in Bakes On Mesh.  While you explore options and looks save SEPARATE copies of your choice so that when you make and error (notice that I didn't say "if" but "when") you will have a partially completed base to continue with.

In order to save a backup of your work in progress you will need to make COPIES of all the oh so many pieces that make up your stunning new look. Put them in another folder. Personally, I made a backup of the backup folder  -- and needed it along the way.

You will need a Bakes on Mesh viewer. I tried using the Linden viewer but after about an hour my frustration level was too high and I opted to update Firestorm. Several friends reported issues with the BOM Firestorm version and so I was putting that off.  It seems to be working fine for me.  With BOM viewer installed, you will also want the latest BOM version of your mesh body. For me, that meant a trip to Maitreya Isle and a redelivery.  For some of you there will be a redelivery button in your mesh body hud. 

I chose the recent gift of the Genus Strong head. It is simply gorgeous with great detailing. My complexity is 36867 as shown in the screenshot above.  No shoes :D.  My jeans are appliers and I just noticed that I installed the LOW version of my jeans (oops). In order to use appliers on your Maitreya body you need to wear the layer you want to use. In my case it was the clothing layer. Then you need to toggle a bit to get the part you want to see visible.  All more of the learning curve.

I suggest looking at some video tutorials; there are many out there.  I can't say that I feel secure under the new system, but time will no doubt cure that.  For those contemplating moving into the future -- take it slowly. Baby steps. Try not to get frustrated.


GENUS Project - Genus Head - Strong Face GIFT001 - v1.7 - Mocap  ) with [the Skinnery] Alberta (Genus) toffee BB and body applier

KUNGLERS - Janis earrings at Cosmopolitan
Little Fox - Skylar top // ALL COLORS [M.Lara] at Cosmopolitan (many colors)
{Limerence} Cindy hair(Mod) at Cosmopolitan

Pose by: Hera


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