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Hot Picks 5 - 18 - 20

I have many personas. Not planned; I am just an eclectic gal. One is "farmgirl" which I think can be pretty darn sexy -- especially perhaps to a farm boy!

In that vein I put together an outfit of mostly new items -- some new releases and some gifts.   These are definitely worth checking out.


Deep Static - :: DS :: Faye Glasses 0 these have two sections of frames for mixing OR you can just choose the same color or pattern as I did.  Love the shape.  Cosmopolitan new release.

ED. Vita Cuffs - Tres Chic gift

adorsy - Stalia Overall Fatpack  come in colored palettes or denim tones. Top and bootlets are also available in this release. Shredded front calf areas (not shown in this shot).  Cosmopolitan.  Glasses are on-off and there is a big decal section (two spots) to add you own touches if you so choose. 

*LACUNA* Camille Gingham  (older and likely not longer available -- applier bra)

.euphoric ~Mavi Eyes  - Tres Chic gift --- I haven't changed eyes in at least six years so that tells you something. These are gorgeous hazel eye. I used the mesh version but there are system layers also. They have very realistic "sides" with darker colors and minute detail. Something that I look for.

poema - Olaya Eyeshadows - sand  Anniversary gift at Cosmopolitan. A full palette of chioces that works perfectly as layers on BOM.

Hair:  Sintiklia - Hair Lake - Ombres  4 styles of updos, rigged and unrigged - Anniversary gift at Tres Chic.

Pose by: Poppycock -- NEW at Cosmopolitan


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