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Tilia Changes

For the handful of folks that cared about the change that came about with Tilia last August, there are some new rules afoot.  You can read about them in the official blog post.  Some folks were still a bit confused (that wording thing) so Grumpity thankfully answered some questions on the forums. 

Now that I have it clear in my head I am passing along to you.

So one BIG change as I understand it (and I am really trying to :D) is that NOW  folks that BUY linden dollars will have to agree to the Tilia TOS and privacy policy. Is that correct?

And anyone NOW paying using Paypal (even with an existing verified over time account) will also have to agree to the Tilia TOS and privacy policy before the Paypal payment can go through. Correct?

So that is the bottom line verified (not the adjective "big") by Grumpity.

I did a quick test and it appears that new accounts can be made without the Tilia and Tilia privacy policy agreement. So as long as someone doesn't buy lindens or want to become premium via Paypal, they can still bypass agreeing to those documents.


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