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Good Free Stuff - - 5-21-20

Whether you shop with linden dollars or freebie shop, it has been an excellent month packed full of choices.


Blow-Up - Boho Eyeglasses - gift at eBento Event

Amisar.Sireah.SHIRT.PATTERN. MAITREYA (Update License)
Amisar.Sireah.TOP. MAITREYA  gift at Tres Chic

Super cute jacket with separate bra top.  Also comes in the same solid green as the top.   I had issues getting the hud to work on the regular Maitreya version so be sure and check the updated one.  Lots of other mesh body fits.

::C'est la vie !:: Inga Leggings (#2) Tattoo Layers
Now while this jacket came with a panties cover, I definitely wanted some leggings.  Woot for BOM which I am bonding with  after a day and a half of struggles.   Searching the Marketplace I found these above the ankle leggings in various fatpacks. There is a demo to try. Be careful when choosing what to purchase though as these come in packs of ten with various color in each. The demo makes it look a bit like they are all in the pack.  So one style has  "ribs" and one is plain. Each style has two choices of fatpacks.  Very nice basic go to items.  I found these worked best on the tattoo layer.

Back in the day when most of Second Life was on the mainland, my friends and I used to play jump the green dots.   Finding giant clusters of green dots on the map either meant a really good freebie  -- often lucky chairs back then, OR a sex den; sometimes a music venue.  It was an interesting exercise and you needed to be ready to TP home quickly amidst the shouts of "tie me down - tie me down".

Yesterday morning I looked on the map where my shop is (hoping to find a plot next door empty) and saw tons of people all in one place.  Now it could have been a party, but I tried looking for one of the participants and after some camming discovered they were in a store. Happily there were also pose stands in the store and so I "tested" a pose and arrived at the busy shop. 

There was indeed something going on.

Free group. Gift cards plus some group gifts on the counter.  This is mainly a make-up store. There are also poses (not sure if the card works on those) and some not Top Five skin appliers.  I grabbed a card and some demos.  There are plenty of things for Genus heads which is what I am wearing now.  BOM items are available too. 

So check out Velour.

Pose by: ChicQro  free on the counter at Velour


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