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Men at Home

 Details make a difference in our virtual world.

If a bar is part of your pixelated surroundings, then a big new release from No59 can add to the realism.  Sets of liquor bottles include mixed versions as shown here as well as rows of single brands.  Permaware drink glasses round out the offerings. Find them all at Man Cave.

If a free male BOM mesh body with head sounds like something you could use, then zip over to Exmachina and click on the contest board. Up to ten sets packed full of options are given away daily. You still have about a week to try your luck. Free group needed.

For those that might be wondering if there are really bodies being given away, I can happily assure you that there are.  A friend of mine won one a day or so after my successful try.  So get out there and click.

Originally I couldn't get the BOM version of the skin to work, but today I was successful with a little help from a friend.   Tip one - you can enlarge the hud with + and - icons up top.  Tip two - you may need to save your outfit in progress, change to another outfit and then go back to your Evolve outfit and choose BOM again. I had an alpha that was not worn but leftover from another outfit and no way to take it off. Yes, an odd issue but letting folks know just in case it happens. Seems like a viewer problem but the on-off and toggle worked fine.

This is the 1.04 body with the new Splinter group gift skin from  7 Deadly s[k]ins

Bar and chair by Trompe Loeil --- Fireplace by Newchurch.


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