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December in SL

The holiday season is looking a little dire to me this morning.  Some of my favorite Advent calendars are missing this year.  Snow Globe winter housing is both short term and hard to come by making me wonder what the point of building it has been.  Calendars that are working for me are off by two days making me think that script issue was a biggie -- and the list goes on.   So I will likely be blogging less than in other Decembers.  There is still Shop and Hop coming up soon and some event gift giving.  

One new calendar (with the correct dating) is over at Seraphim Outlet.  Today's gift giver was DRD.  No group required.


Ryan Schultz said…
I've also noticed quite a few Advent calendars repeating gifts from previous years, which is disappointing. (Firelight Hair is one of them.)

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