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Moving Forward

It has certainly been a month of changes and there will be more to come -- in my world anyway. 

Even before my  trip to the hospital I was thinking of diminishing my prescience in Second Life.  I had to work too hard to find excitement.   I know I am not alone there. Many of my friends are no longer active in SL --- OR -- they make a release for an event, put it out and go back to their real lives. I was looking forward to Snow Globe season but that has turned out to be quite strange so I exited that corner of the world.  We did have last year and that was super fun. Good memories. 

I will most likely keep my sim since it supports itself and I will leave items up on the Marketplace so that folks can get redeliveries as needed. The free art galley will probably go away as well as many demo houses and some general display items. So grab that free art while you have the chance. 

I do have some new plans which at the present include machinima and real life activism with a small presence in SL.  We will see how that all works out. 

So far this Advent season I have kept nothing :D.  Most of the gifts I have found (only looking at a few spots) seem to be "out takes", items that were not good enough to sell. Some are even unfinished.  I think most creators are just plain tired and most likely not making much money or even scraping by to pay tier. Eventually that just drags you down.  

Steps by Linden Lab, starting with Tilia and most currently the gacha bans have reduced income for most creators -- at least of the ones "I" know.   Incentives to work are dwindling. We have lost a lot of the comradery of the olden days as folks churn out items that have been made and remade for a decade now.  

And of course there is the strange new world that we find our typists trying to navigate. 

But whatever happens it has been a great time for many many years.  We will see what the future brings. Recovery will be taking a long time and energy is low, low, low :D.

I just read Inara's rez day thoughts.   My rez day is coming up at the end of the month and I think Berry has one coming too.  So many years to look back on.   


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