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The Elf in Me

W hile roleplay isn't my thing, I do love getting dressed up "in theme".  Thanks to this new free unisex head from Bespoke Fantasy Mesh Heads.  The head along with skins and accessories is $1 at the inworld store (dollar returned) and free on the Marketplace.  There are a variety of free skins available in various tones including darks. Skins are a step ahead of many default head skins, but I used my everyday default skin and makeup in an effort to be sort of half human and androgynous.  

It was great fun playing with the default shape. Both male and female as well as "neckless" versions of the head are included in the pack.  I was after something a bit more friendly looking than the default shape provided.  I especially like that the ears are built in as add-on ears typically look -- well, added on :D

A simple AO comes with the head (blue button floating pane of old). This was missing in the Marketplace version but I am letting the creator know and it will likely be fixed by the time this posts. 

I do have a neck seam that I couldn't get rid of -- this with the newest Maitreya body.  So keep that in mind. This is really a lovely gift for all the fantasy folks out there. 

Thanks to Ryan Schultz for the tip on this!  Was a fun time. 

.:SF:. "Eclipse" Womens Jacket - Carbon [S]  VERY OLD and no longer available

7DS skin no longer available (last years advent gift)
Hair: Sintiklia Will Unrigged/Resized type 1

Pose by: Helamiyo


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