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Milestones: 14 Years and 6000 Posts

Today marks many milestones -- the end of a not all that great year and the beginning of a new and hopefully better one, fourteen years in Second Life and post 6000 on this blog. 

I popped out of the pod and started typing. Well, not really, but I was recruited by another blog sometime in my first 30 days. That blog had to close when Linden Lab decided that  "Second Life" was proprietary and could not be used in any other website title.  That edict disappeared fairly quickly but by then a fair amount of blogs had closed down. This was the early days of course and there weren't that many blogs to start with.  

Hence the title of my own blog, Chic at Phil's Place (Phil being the head of the company at that time). 

It has been a good fourteen years and I have enjoy most of it immensely. The early days were probably the most fun; a time when bloggers really worked in order to present new and often free items to their readership.  Hanging around lucky chairs, going on hunts, finding new stores with gifts on the counter -- all fun times.  

Things have changed since then, and now -- and for ME -- the main enjoyment is taking photos and sharing the best of what I can find, be it free, sale or regular purchases. We didn't have "sponsors" in the olden days but I have a few folks that I still blog for after a decade.  It is good to know that some of us have longevity -- and that some creators still hand or group deliver their new products. I appreciate the personal touch.    

There are changes in the air as the new year begins. I am not exactly sure what that means for me personally.  I plan to keep renting my sim for awhile as it pays for itself and I like the ability to play when creativity grabs me.   Beyond that I suspect there will be fewer blog posts than in the past. I won't be disappearing any time soon though; I plan to stick around and watch as the story continues to unfold.   

And for the possible handful of old-timers who have been reading over the many years ---- thanks for sticking around.  


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