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Advent Day 15

Out at MEVA today, a cute little dress. It comes with a bra top but I felt that was too distracting with the rest of the dress so opted for one of my  " covers breasts" hairs.  Lara and Petite only. This is a pay group. 

The Cosmopolitan gift tree begins today. In the early hours there were only a very few gifts out, but check in the days to come for sure. Since it can get VERY confusing with gifts being added daily I suggest the  "derender and blacklist" function in third party viewers as a means of keeping track.  Make sure you have the stocking contents BEFORE blacklisting of course. If you are really in a hurry you can blacklist the tree, but it's not nearly as much fun that way :D.  

I am sure this gift from POEMA will come in handy in the future. The tattoos are mod so you can adjust colors as needed.  

Pose by:   SE Motion


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