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Artist Memories - Weekend Shopping

Some of my favorite spots have been weathered places -- some forgotten, some in use and some never finished. My family owned such a place before the California fires burned it all. I am sure that some stone still exists as this wasn't the first fire, just the most devastating.  

Another special place for me was St John's Church in Barbados.  I am not religious in any structured sense but I have never felt safer and more protected than on those church grounds overlooking the sea. 

I bought a few things this weekend but most very very niche and likely not of interest to you, but this would have been my top pick on the weekend sales regardless -- the   Scarlet Creative Serendipity Retreat 1.1

When I lived in Barbados for awhile I visited a sculptress who made rustic metalwork out of found materials. Her studio was an abandoned factory, no floors -- no electricity.  That place too had a sense of magic. 

So my plan over time is to turn this build into an "almost forgotten place" with partial dirt floor, vines and other flora that have appeared as Mother Nature has begun to reclaim its molecules.  A small artist area will be a part == sometimes we can bring real life memories into our virtual lives.


Oona said…
I cannot wait to see your Artist Memory, please post it!

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