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Scoop and Score

Are you ready for some city spelunking?  Not afraid to get your hands dirty?  The  three level sewer maze on the Scoop and Score hunt may have your body a bit dusty and your feet a little tired but you can reap some nice gifts along the way. 

This is a buy for zero hunt and you are looking for deposits of green poo with legs and even a mustache.  They are mesh and fairly good sized but there is a LOT of sewer to cover.  No worries the hunt lasts all month. 

You of course need some sturdy footwear to wander around in the metallic depths, and happily I had some for last Fall that missed my attention due to that hos-pi-tal adventure.   These are the lassitude & ennui Overdrive boots released at the Salvage Station. They come in both neutrals and colors and are rigged for Maitreya.  Their nice thick soles and traction tread will let folks run and not fall in that slime (actually the tunnels are very well maintained and dry so just kidding). 

I hear that the pooper scooper (with hold animation) will be available at the start area so watch for it. 

There is also a street sale with discounted items at Syndicate Headquarters.

Here are some of the Home and Garden prizes you can find. All but the painting (mine and in the hunt) are from Eclectica who is likely going to wine the prize for generosity. There are also some reading glasses to be found under the same brand :D.  

While there are wearables included in this hunt the stars for me are the furniture and décor gifts.  Below are items from ChiMia:: and a lovely singing bowl from Left Hand Path. 

My outfit also includes:

(fd) in Lula   (fd) Cozy Denim Shorts - Charcoal 
(fd) in Lula (fd) Layered Camp Shirt - Faded Purple


Pose by: (Lotta - ancient and NLA)


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