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Shadow Play

Bright afternoon sun brings with it strong shadows; the sound of the waves, the sea gull's call -- all part of the ambience. 

Some of you are old enough to remember when shadows were birthed.  Kirsten's viewer was the "Black Dragon" of the times. First in many things.  I couldn't run shadows on my computer; that is I could run them for maybe five seconds and then there was a crash.  It took awhile before I had a computer that could handle the fancier parts of Second Life.   

That was all long, long ago and my only frame of reference is a steampunk PRIM building that I made at the time while living in Winterfell.  Digging in my inventory I found a vendor photo which places the building at the end of 2010.   

Thinking it would be fun to look at my very first machinima with shadows, I went spelunking in my sidebar.   Here we are in summer of 2011. It's not too bad for a really old video LOL.  My YouTube list tells me this is only the second video I ever made! 

Pose by: Vista Animations


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