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Forgotten Places

By request an update on last weekend's bargain.   The building is on top of a dry hill (mainland) and of course there is no water as the building has long been deserted.  Weeds and wild natural dry grass along with a few brambles make up most of the outside landscaping. 

Inside offers refuge from the harsh summer sun. Sand has filled some of the corners of the building. A tree or two has managed to grow.  It is quiet here. A refuge.  

Feel free to visit. Machinima and photo friendly.

Note that the lighting shown is the one "I" use all the time and not the region default. After all it is my friend's sim and he wanted the day cycle to be consistent.  I have no trouble using my own lighting :D.  Anyone who might want the EEP for for photos as shown, jut poke me.   

Scarlet Creative Serendipity Retreat 1.1
Pieces from  Nutmeg. Painter's Attic gacha (now only as a full set - some very bad LODs in the mix)


Oona said…
Thank you so much, the picture on the easel is the perfect touch, but is just one of many ways you made it a calm and eerie place. I could see myself painting there.
You continue to be the way I start my day, thank you for all the subtle smiles.

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