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I don't change my profile picture all that often.  I do find it fun to go back and look at old ones however :D.   This Kelly necklace from Kunglers premiered at Cosmo last round.  I loved it instantly for its simplistic style and gorgeous shine.  I was tardy however pointing out this lovely piece.  And then serendipity came into play. 

While trying out the new free head a couple of weeks ago and finding it didn't work well for me -- the shape editor saved my "working on it" shape OVER my default shape. No, I absolutely did NOT tell it too. Alas.  Happily I remembered what I had been fiddling with and got my head back into a semblance of historical sameness.  But my shape was wrong in all my outfits. Now there may be a way to fix that easily but I haven't figured out how. Luckily I only have a handful of outfits that I use often.  

This group gift dress from a year or so ago was one of my summer favorites.  I was thinking that the Kunglers NEW at FaMESHed necklace would look great with the dress but unfortunately it was a bit too long for the strapless bodice. So I tired the Kelly necklace and it was perfect. Not only that, it matched the earrings that were already in that outfit.  

So happy coincidences and I am thinking a new profile picture!

I checked mid week and this hadn't appeared on the Marketplace or the main store yet, but hopefully soon. Sometimes bold and simple are the best additions to an outfit. 

KUNGLERS - Skyler earring
.:EMO-tions:. * NUBIA * head-wrap

Pose by: Eternal Dream


Ryan Schultz said…
Looking good, Chic!

And I don't change my avatars' profiles pictures too often, either.

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