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Premium Plus Revealed

After what seems like for-e-ver the Premium Plus subscription particulars have been released. Has it been two years? Close I think. The natives have definitely been restless on the forums. But in just a few days you will have a choice to upgrade or make a new account. 

The official lengthy video is up and the P+ info starts here.  

There are at least two threads chatting about this on the SL forums. To be brief enthusiasm isn't really in evidence for most folks. Someone put it succinctly with a comment (paraphrasing) "2.5 times the cost with 2 times the benefits".  That isn't entirely true if having another animesh attachment, more groups and a higher IM cap are important to you.  Add a few other smallish items and you have the gist of it. 

No Belli Mansions as some guessed.  At LEAST not until the end of 2022 *maybe*.

From what had been semi-officially leaked I am a bit surprised at the cost per benefits ratio.  Then again the name change fee had me gasping and plenty of people paid it, so we'll see.  Maybe the whole point is simply to be able to put "Premium Plus" in your profile !!!!


It appears from a "next day" post on the forums that there really ARE going to be 2048 lots that can be requested by plot in Belli.  THAT will be a game changer for some folks and likely the biggest (or only) real draw in the list of perks.   See this post.  


Bannod said…
Well that was a disappointment. If they had an ala carte menu like Patch hinted at, I might be persuaded to spend $5 more a month for 100 groups and a 2048 piece of land with double the prims. As it is, I have a homestead and always have at least 1000 prims free. I just like the challenge of decorating a Linden home.

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