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FINCA Showcase

The new B&B Collaboration invitational group lets bloggers choose their designer and items to showcase. Both old and new releases are shown, exposing brands to a wider audience, encouraging main store shopping and enabling bloggers to embrace their creativity.  With a wide range of brands, some of which I have blogged for over the years, I chose a relatively new to me shop, FINCA, as my first feature.  

Clean lines and smart 3D modeling bring together style and usability. I already had several FINCA items in my inventory as well as some lovely group gifts.  Many pieces can be purchase individually or as a set in a fatpack. 

These closets come scripted and unscripted and are easy on the land impact budget. The group gifts can be found on the table shown here. There are some lovely items!

Plants add to any home and these are lovely -- balancing out the strong architectural lines of the furniture.

One of my favorite purchases of the summer was this finely detailed beach bag. I am sure it will have many years of use. Details are important!


From FINCA: 

FINCA - S.C. walnut wide cabinet scripted
FINCA - S.C. walnut small cabinet scripted
FINCA - 'A' frame table brown
FINCA - rope vase *rezz me
FINCA - Montana sofa PG - TH / WB
FINCA - Cancun beach bag * Rezz me
FINCA - hanging pot ivy - olive
FINCA - hanging pot ivy - pink/add on
FINCA - hanging pot ivy - green pink
FINCA - Peperomia growing green (gift)
FINCA - photo frames gg *rezz me (gift)
FINCA - Aloe Vera tall spotted (gift)
FINCA - pile of books gg *rezz me (gift)
FINCA - Aloe Vera (gift)
Wooden round hanging lamp - brown steel

Other credits:

ACORN Earth Towel 03
ACORN Earth Towel 02
[Merak] - Books Stack
ROIRO - SATEN schefflera pot
Nutmeg. Summer's End Papers
Ex machina Biblios Bookcase - White version v1.2

Trompe Loeil - Solano Bay Modern Ranch


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