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Weekend Cargo Flight

There was certainly plenty of great shopping this weekend. Hence my somewhat tardy post; places go go, things to try ...

My picks for this weekend come nicely together in one post.  Here's the info you need.

Gabriel  ::GB:: Flight suit 2022 (F) +(Maitreya) Pink (also in Legacy and with petite sizes) Also black and dark green 
::GB:: Flight suit 2022 (M) Black (Legacy fits altamura but of course try the demo)  Black and dark green

Both sets come with black and white tanks. 

I personally don't like the boots with the pink but bought them for other uses later :D. 

B::Bicolor Double belt boots (Gianni) Black (Legacy fits altamura -- Lara only for gals. Boots are similar but not exactly the same. Dark brown is also available.

In the background:  
[ kunst ] - Industrial locker / scripted   This comes with a hud to change both exterior and front as well as metal parts.   To be fair, this really nice item (3 li per section) has an "issue" of sorts. There is text on both sides that says -- well "text" ^^.  I can only assume this was an error but it is easy enough to fix with some staging. Here I added a propane tank from Apple Fall.   

Hair:  NO.MATCH_NO.DESTINATION. on sale for the weekend at a great price - basic color packs fits men and women


Poses by: Di's Opera and Diesel Works


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