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Weekend Tourist Shopping

There are plenty of clever and creative items out for sale this week; purchasing mainly depends on your wants and needs.    With lots and lots of backdrop choices (I am a sucker for super deal weekend backdrops) I picked the TROPIX // Hidden Village of old Italy 01.  Four versions are available, two light and two dark.  This simple enough to work with many outfits and interesting enough to grab your eye on the second look. Perfect!

My hoodie with cropped tank is one of two color choices of the True Damage-Eliya Jacket. This is rose, the other is blue.  The tank is separate from the jacket so can be mixed with other items or worn alone. A texture hud is included for the tank.  

I really like this. It is very "me" or at least the very tall very thin version of "me".  There is a but however. This works just fine for standing around and walking and such but it isn't rigged all that well so part of the jacket split and collide etc.  That may be the theme of the sloppy casual dresser seen in the other styles of this new shop. Still I am very happy as I typically do plenty of standing around in my SL day.    

Rise Design Vortex Earrings (color hud)
Hair:no.match_ ~ NO_PART

Pose by: SE Motion


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