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Computer Issues

Rising to find a black screen staring back from the office desk was not the best way to start a summer Friday. The one year old desktop took a trip to the shop in a nearby town. Alienware computers apparently have some proprietary hardware as well as a not so great design leading to overheating when gaming -- this an oddity for a very expensive "gaming" machine. That was something that didn't show up in my research -- but it was still in the midst of Covid and the video card shortage. Read that as few choices.

The computer is working again and will be picked up soon, but will be on limited duties due to the flaws in the system. So no more posts with Lani and Moonlight; that seems to be what caused the problem. Happily texture baking in Blender is a rare thing these days.

So all will be back to normal on the blog soon. With a list of posts in the queue you wouldn't have noticed much missing, but that's the backstory brought to you via my old and very much appreciated FLEX notebook which has kept me sane and entertained during this hiatus.

Hopefully there will be wonderous news to report.


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