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Mid-year Male Makeover

This wasn't a planned post as I don't suspect I have too many male readers, but I have a quick screenshot and I have some discoveries so sharing seems like a good idea.  

With two male friends (well three but the last doesn't seem to log in any longer) in need of body improvements, I offered my searching skills to help with the process. Lots of items were tried and then discarded  with this their final look.    

Neither are inworld all that much and spending 9K linden on body and head --- and then skin to boot was not at the top of either of their lists.   They both opted for the altamura ::AbA:: -4- *DARREN* -M- Fullbody Player which is on sale to group members for 900 lindens.   Now this group discount body IS Bento AND BOM but it doesn't come with an alpha cut hud. You use traditional alpha textures to block out any unneeded body part.  The nails are also a bit iffy IMO especially with darker skins since you cannot mod them or use appliers. But 900 versus 9000, each player needs to decide.   

There is a plus to this no cuts on this version as the body loads quickly and not in tons of pieces like some bodies. The down side to an altamura body is that there aren't many clothes that will work.  The body comes with a very large collection of ready-made alphas so that is a big help. If you are a guy who only has a few outfits this will likely work well for you.   Shapes of course will vary the look as you can see in this shot.

After purchasing the demo and a lot of searching I found the Sweet's store with these great skins -- and they are free.  FREE.   There are various tones in packs and a TON of optional facial hair that is very nicely done. The hairbase is also well done and better than many that come with purchased hairs.   Honestly I was blown away with these skins compared to some of the "top name" skins out there.  

Hair on the left is from no.match and on the right Exile (older)
Necklace on the left is older from MEVA - glasses on the right are from Deep Static  at Shop and Hop.

Poses by: LAP and AKEYO


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