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Dreamland Design Showcase

One new release set mixes with some styling staples in this spotlight on Dreamland Design.  

Many of the items available at DD are packaged as sets. This makes thing really easy for those of you who love a beautiful home but are -- well let's say "styling challenge".  The bases of the styling above is the new Coastal Set available MENSLECTED event which is open until the 26th. 


The coastal set includes:

DD Coastal Bed Couch-PG (A available)
DD Coastal Mosaic Table
DD Beige Coastal Rug
DD Coastal Teal Rug
DD Palm Mosaic Planter
DD Coastal Leaf Art ( this comes as a double set piece and I separated and relinked here)

To that set I added the:

DD Henderson Driftwood Shutter Shelf
DD Wooden Wall Planter (This comes in several wood versions in the store so pick the woodgrain that you like. It is extremely mod and I moved plants around to make the two look a bit different from one another. I also "stole" some potted plants out of the wall planter and enlarged them making two new potted plants for the open wood area of the couch.)

Also used:
ROIRO - "OAZO" Green necklace
ACORN Earth Towel 01
[Cb] Folded Quilt  (several from a gacha set now only available in a gacha fatpack).
Nutmeg. Floor Pillow
[Dream with me] PG Pillow - SL18B Gift
.:revival:. ibiza cushion 1 and 2
BROKEN ARROWS - Big Leaf Pillow - White
MudHoney Deja Pillow
Apple Fall Bohemian Coffee Press
Apple Fall Latte Decor
Sway's Magazine - Toscana / Italia

Trompe Loeil - Tehama Modern Cottage


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