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Malus Park Market

I have been working very hard this month to find interesting things to show you. Odd, it seems for September when finding goodies in August -- typically our slowest month in SL -- was fairly simple.  While I was searching hither and yon and following breadcrumbs I found this cute little Fall market.   

The Malus Park Market is a bit like moving back in time; back to the days when we strolled the venues rather than cammed, talking to folks we met and generally enjoying the day.   

Each booth has a red box with a "gift". Now some of these gifts are not free and since you don't know what you are buying they also seem to be against the newish gambling laws which state that a buyer must know what he is buying. But there are actually a few real gifts at the market including the items in the top photo.

You can find these homey Fall food items at the LouChara booth.  Now both food props are "primmy" and have marginal LODs. Still they are lovely and probably useful for some folks.  I also found a nice Autumn themed painting and some strappy lingerie. So if you are feeling in the mood for an adventure, take a shopping stroll in the park and watch the brilliant leaves change in the afternoon light. 


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