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My Favorite Things - what next

With an inventory full of items from {what next} -- everything from hamburgers, to curtains to some VERY antique scattered sheet music on prims (oh my) -- it is difficult to pick favorites.  Still there are a few items that have been rezzed almost consistently since their release dates.  Which only goes to show what great longevity these items have.

With strong holding LODs and lots of detailing the scooters are definitely part of any city theme. The guitar case sign has a variety of text options and the cocktails sign is only one of many neon signage options available.  For those of you that don't drive all that well, there are even a wearable scooters.

{what next} 'Black' Monaco Scooter (patterned luggage)
{what next} 'Mint' Monaco Scooter & Sidecar
{what next} Guitar Case Sign
{what next} 'Cocktail' Neon Wall Light

Artemis Corner Sculptures *AC* The jazz band
[Cb] Deluxe Filler Building  V1 Tan  w escape and doors 40li
Homemade sign


Winter Thorn said…
Thank you Chic, appreciate you featuring What Next for the collab post, great pictures! We had fun making those scooters. I've been trying to sort out my chaotic inventory and finding allsorts of forgotten products - rezzing them has been entertaining and cringeworthy. Funny to see how badly out of scale my early stuff was LOL

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