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Profiles - Changes Changes

Profile in new Linden viewer as seen from the avatar's perspective

It has been over eleven years since our second life profiles moved to the web.  
What,  you say?  

Well that only really mattered if you were using the Linden viewer.  The majority of residents use Firestorm and there are other popular 3rd party viewers. Hence, not all that many people saw profiles in a web page. I certainly didn't. This change to web profiles came at the same time that LL was trying to integrate SL with Facebook. That also lost us our last names. 

What someone sees when looking up an avatar

I never used my web profile but just like facebook things pop up there including comments I would just as soon NOT see. I especially hate "the feed".  

So now we are back pretty much from where we started.  OR, in my case from a place I never left. Here is my profile as it looks in Firestorm. It has looked like this for many years if my memory serves me adequately.  

It isn't like the new in 2011 web profiles where popular. There was tons of moaning and ranting on the forums. But just like with last names the voices of citizens were  muffled by those who spoke louder and knew better :D.  

I am happy to see a change back.   


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