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Serenity Style Showcase

Serenity Style is a fun place to shop. So much variety and so much to see. Big builds, backdrops, vehicles, furniture and décor.  It's difficult to pick favorites.  Here are a few of mine. 

Serenity Style- Bless Our Nest  Porch makes a super backdrop for vintage photos.
Serenity Style- Ezio Fountain - classic with lovely details
Serenity Style-Gio Vintage Car RARE - 11 li with better than average LODs (wearable to drive)
Serenity Style- Bless Our Nest  Chair
Serenity Style- Bless Our Nest - Frames
Serenity Style- Gilligan Doves -from dove cote set

(Fundati) Desert Exclusive Grasses


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