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Linden Lab Changes in TOS August 2013 - Helpful Links

On August 15, 2013 Linden Lab (R) changed the terms of service. 

While there were many changes to the TOS (Google doc with color coded Second Life (R) TOS changes here) certainly the most volatile in impact was text in section 2.3 which gives LL greatly enhanced rights over content created by Second Life (R) citizens.

Below you will find some of the forum threads and blog posts that have addressed this issue.

****Note that as September ends there is SO MUCH PRESS on this it is impossible to keep this list accurate. If you want to keep up with the ideas of the day you can search using the term "second life" TOS  -- those quotes are important. ****

Chic at Phil's Place first post on September 8 talking about the CG Texture banning use of their textures in Second Life (R).

CG Textures Announcement - FYI

Linden Lab Talks About Their TOS Intent on Living in a Modemworld.

Second Life (R) Building and Texturing Forum post alerting others to the change in CG Textures policy towards work imported onto the SL grid. 

Another CG Textures inspired thread from the General Discussion Forum.
A later post in the Second Life (R) Merchant Forums which discusses the possibilities of WHY Linden Lab (R) wants almost total control over uploaded goods. 

A later NWN post mentioning the press spin from The Lab and telling content creators to "stop worrying or copyright your content before uploading". Note that the new TOS doesn't take away anyone's copyright; it specifically leaves it with the creator. It just gives LL complete user rights to do anything with the creations with even attribution.

Feedback from the community:  ** indicate exceptionally well written articles

** Modus Operandi (part 1)
*****Your World? Your Imagination (part 2)

** Dear Linden Lab -- it's been a nice eight years

Renderosity Products NOT Allowed at Second Life

Longtime Second Life Content Creators Remove SL Work in Protest Over Linden Lab's New Draconian Terms of Service 

Second Life Terms of Service change in a nutshell, 8/15/13

TOS Woes

** New terms of service aka kiss me you giant bomb

TOS Meeting at the Amphitheater September 29

**  Who the Hell owns Second Life anyway?

SecondLife® Content Creators Survey on Linden Lab TOS Issue 

New Terms of Service for Second Life--grants LL the right to sell your work?

Speculating on ToS  and Second Life

Earlier posts with no mention of the changes for content creators that somehow missed the point. 

 CG Textures for pointing out the inherent issues in the new SL TOS .

A post from a popular blog the day after the new TOS was revealed. The post noted that the 30 day "grace" period for TOS adoption is no longer in effect, but didn't mention the new changes that greatly impact content creators.

Another "morning after" post from New World Notes. So much slipped under the radar. 


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