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Gogo came up with a fun challenge, not so much for me really as I shoot from the back often. That may say something about my interest in posteriors in general or simply the appreciation of my personal rear anatomy. Either way, I was happy to add my photo to the mix. This is also a 52 Weeks of Color post (my second for the week -- it was a good time for "brick red") as well as a post on the Red Seal Hunt, always fun.

My outfit includes my two personal favorites of the RSH hunt gifts, boots from Indyra Originals and hair from !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! This is a quick and easy hunt with some very nice prizes, so be sure and stop by. The boots are simply gorgeous and the hair has a huge variety of huds to customize to your favorite color mixes.
My tattoo is one I have had in my "newness" box for way too long. It is from Argyle Anonymous from a hunt at least a month ago. So very pretty though, I am glad I finally found fitting partners. 

Poses by: Vista Animations


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