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Bunnies a la 2009

I don't have a lot of new duds these days, but plenty of housewares to show you. So --- I went for a very (VERY) vintage outfit in the theme of the season. This was prize number 2 if I remember correctly on the Bunny Hop Hunt in 2009. It is from Little Heaven (no longer on the grid).

The newness to share is that Cheeky Pea --while late to the party -- has added her goodies to the Egg Hunt at The Nest. Table, lots of filled cups, bunny drink server and my favorite SWEETS are available for the finding.

I had a busy and gratifying day at MOSP. I added this little greenhouse shed complete with the old garden from LEA20. The gifts from the Egg Hunt seemed to fit in perfectly. The chair in the top photo is also an Egg Hunt prize, from  Senzafine.

LEA7 is open now with a revamped ground level, two sound stages and a gallery and classroom (empty at the moment). Rezzing will be available next weekend. The previous owner still has some things on the sim :D.  The first visitors arrived today. It was good to see folks coming back.

As an extra bonus for me today, a bunch of old (some very old) folders showed up in my top level inventory today, a present from the database fairy it seems. I didn't remember most of the items but a couple were added into the landscape. The garden shown here (missing yesterday) also appeared too. So keep an eye out for odd things appearing in your inventory. You might get some surprises too. 

Poses by aDORKable.


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