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Gettin' Mystical

Times and cultures blend in this styling which somehow mysteriously works -- for me anyway.

Lots of free goodness in this post.

I have completed the Medieval Hunt; more on that soon. This tattoo from Ais Ink Tattoo is actually the one for the guys, but I liked it better than the gal's version. There is lots of writing on the back. Very "Dan Brown" if that reference means anything to you.

I added " Templar" earrings from Ticky Tacky  -- now only on the Marketplace but definitely one of my favorite jewelry designers of the past.

And my locale is the just up today revamp of the very popular Stonehenge set. Not quite done but I'll give you the SLURL anyway cause I'm a nice gal.

Now here's something you want to note. Discord Designs has two specials out and they are indeed special. Flexi braids in packs of colors for a linden. Find the dark set at the shop and the light pack on the Marketplace. I have LOTS of friends who will be eager to try these out. Note that this hair is MOD and EDITABLE, not rigged mesh.

That's my news of the day. Been a busy one. Lots of stuff to share with you but deadlines to meet. See you again tomorrow eve.

Pose by: Behavior Body from the new Editorial 2 set


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