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Watch Your Step


It took me awhile to make my way over to Hazardous; indeed, the teleporter was still giving a "full sim" message this eve. But I was persistent and handily my viewer is more friendly with repeat tries these days.  It is a homestead sim but it runs well with the 20 avatars that are allowed to enter. It is a moody place and I chose my lighting accordingly.

With both new hair (Vanity Hair's Love After War) and poses ( the Alex set by Diesel Works for COLLABOR88 on the 8th) I was set for some photography.

My dress is an oldie from JANE. And while I am in fashion mode I wanted to alert you that Mayfly, home of the very pretty mesh eyes that I wear sometimes, is part of My 60L Secret of late. Lani got some very pretty eyes that suit her well just last week.

Vistas abound in Hazardous where you have to take a leap of faith to enter.

No, I am not telling you more; you'll have to visit and find out for yourself.

The styling is lovely with some great plants made by the owner (yes, I inspected them as I was wondering where I might get a copy for MOSP); mid week is moving day I hear.

Hazardous offers plenty of places to explore along with lots of open space.

Even with twenty folks here, there is room to breath  -- and that's a great thing.

Poses by: Diesel Works from the new Alex set


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