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Tomorrow's Post Today

Busy day for me. LEA7 was handed over and I had my first experience with the terrain file "editor". It was an adventure and after a lot of hit and miss trying (the wiki simply says "experiment and you'll get it" or something to that effect) I did manage to get a good looking terrain. Now the sand is not on the shore but inland at a higher altitude. How can that be? I know not. But the helper on LEA20 couldn't get sand on the shore either so perhaps it is just the way it is.

ANYWAY. A new addition to MOSP (opening officially next weekend with rezzing abilities) is the Trompe Loeil Tree House for COLLABOR88. I have had it in my inventory for awhile of course but no where picturesque to rez. I saved it a spot on sea level and it is definitely the first building that you see. Now the house has had plenty of press, but I want you to know that my FAVORITE release of this set is the light fixture. It is simply outstanding. And admittedly my arty photo doesn't show all the details well. So, get over to COLLABOR88 and see it in person. Or drop by LEA7 of course *wink*. 

Here is an outside view of the house in all its glory  -- just in case you have been traveling in Morocco and missed all the posts.

There is also a hanging bed that works very well in the first level porch.

And here's another photo of some of the hunt items from The Nest Easter Egg Hunt. The stepstool, bowls, tall plant and rug (in store gift) are from Zinnias. There are some pots with plants that I couldn't find, but maybe you will be luckier -- or a better hunter.  The BIG planter and plant are from Barnesworth Anubis and the smaller patterned rug is from Zigana. The Z guys are definitely on my radar now *wink*.

And here's a not so arty but easier to view photo of the lighting -- simply because I love it and want you to love it too.


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