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Skin Fair - Izzie's - Harlow

Most of us have our favorite skin makers, the ones that produce items that usually fit, that we feel comfortable in. Those go to brands are great; I'm not suggesting you give them up -- but trying something new is good too.

When I visited the Skin Fair last eve (opening to the public March 15th) I had a particular purpose in mind, to find someone new to me and possibly to you that I was excited about.

This is Harlow, one of two skins from Izzie's at the fair. I was mightily impressed and extremely happy Harlow fit so well. There are many skin tones available and each pack comes with a HUGE amount of extras. Lip and eye makeup tattoo layers, nail concealers, moles, freckles, cleavage and FOUR brow options.

I admit that I played a lot with the layers.

This is Harlow in caramel and red brows with:
vintage eyeshadow
nail concealers
natural lipstick

My swimsuit is from Serina Lacava (SLC). Hair from Dura at Fashion for Life.

And Nissa if you are reading this, I am thinking this might be a GREAT skin for you too!

Next up the new ASIA skin! 

Poses by: STATUS


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