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Dancing at RUST

I went out filming today, the first time in a long while. After finishing "reflection" and fill shots at UWA I stopped by LEA13 where RUST by Cica Ghost officially opens tomorrow. It is a grand place and sure to be a hit. I was already is steampunk adventurer gear, well coordinated with the environment. The dancing flowers got my feet tapping so I decided to film a couple of the dances I picked up today at the 2013 Pose Fair (opening soon).

The first dance is from the Kevin set by Humanoid and has no release date set. Kevin is cool and confident. The second is from the Bran set from AKEYO and will debut at Pose Fair 2013. Bran is more of a show off but equally as good a dancer. Both fun and extremely well done.

See the video here

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Dances by: Humanoid and Akeyo - Pose Fair 2013


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