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Monday Meme - Google Yourself

Well your avatar self of course. Happily this will keep me awake for awhile after daylight savings change :D

In that incognito window I find:

1. 101,000 entries on Chic Aeon.

2. First five links are Blog, YouTube, Marketplace, Facebook (which I don't use) and Google+ which I no longer use but was very active when in Opensim.

The images that come up are these:

They are:

  • The logo for my intermediate Blender tutorials.
  • My blog profile picture
  • The photo from my Terradale blog (current LEA Artists in Residence installation) -- actually NO that is not from the blog, that is the open house announcement from September. No idea where that came from. 
  • The title shot from a machinima of a few years back
  • Something someone posted on Pinterest (who knew?) from LONG ago.
  • A photo from Halloween a few years ago in Opensim (this was featured on so I think that is were it came from)


The videos come up are my YouTube channel, Blender tutorial (this year), Folding Time (2015 video for UWA contest) and more tutorials and UWA videos

For news, there are articles from OpenSim:

I am not particularly surprised by any results although the only news that came up was from Opensim and that is a little odd to me.   OH, I guess I AM surprised for Facebook to show up in my top search results. I am guessing folks are maybe posting there and it "looks" active while it is not.

For a long while Google was posting "for" me on Google Plus putting in lots of blog photos as well and adding all my YouTube videos to the list, so possible something like that. NEVER write me at Facebook. I haven't been there in MANY years *wink*. It is all smoke and mirrors.

This was fun but didn't take long enough. STILL, not time to go to bed on by the new clock numbers.

I may cheat and turn in early :D.


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