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Gacha Gifting and Meme

It looks like we are memeless this week over at Berry's (nope, one showed up later) but I decided to meme a little anyway. See my person meme below Berry's.

The official answers:

I have been blogging since January 2008.

I was asked by an established blog if I would join them, after they took a photo of me wearing a freebie gift.

I post most days a week now with weekends off. In the past I posted twice a day. My record is six posts in one day during a big event.

Traffic is not monitored; monetization not embraced; mission statement ignored. Simple works for me.

Blogging has given me lots and lots of practice with photography. I also apparently type very fast now; not something that was an inherent skill.

My tips for new bloggers? 

Well the SL blogging world has changes a lot over the last decade. Good photography is still key though and learning how to use and adjust your Windlight settings is very important.

I would also like to suggest that most designers are not all that thrilled with photos that are so very cluttered there is no point of interest (well perhaps the blogger's pretty face, but no highlighted product). So perhaps more close up photos with less "stuff" would be something to think about -- or a full shot and then close ups.

Personally I would advise against falling into the "you must blog" trap that so many designer groups have. There are bound to be a few things -- no matter how great and popular the designer is -- that A. Will not fit or B. has nothing to do with your style  or C. is NOT what your readers will appreciate. Decide what you blog is about and keep to your theme. Above all, be true to yourself.

My personal thoughts of the week intro. 

Actually meme apparently has a LOT of different meanings. I am going with the one that has to do with memories this time out.

I pretty much started out as a freebie blogger. Actually back then there were no blogger groups or review copies. One of my first "blogger packs" (they weren't called that then) was from Long Awkward Pose -- and honestly I was in heaven. I still have some of those poses.

Because so my of my history is connected to lucky chairs and hunts and such, I still check out gifts and prizes even though my inventory is now nicely rounded and fairly full. To that end I present some of the November gifts from Gimme Gacha's Gacha Garden opening November 1.

This will be my third month as a Gimme Gacha creator and the venue fits me very well.  Since I am there before the masses -- even the bloggers, I have the opportunity to pick up some of the group gifts. So I am showing you a bit of my bounty.

Everything but my hair is a November gift.  There are plenty of folks not set up yet as I type this, so who knows what other wonderful items may appear.

Later:  I did a last minute round at the venue and picked up some more stunning gifts.   Now I am not going to list all the creators simply because you will want to pick up everything and choose your own favorites. This is just to let you know that it is an extremely good round this November -- so don't miss out.

This is my personal fav of the gifts. What can I say? I am a quirky gal.

Go forth, gather and play those machines.

My  top pose is from Helamiyo and NOT at Gacha Garden, but it is a gift and you can find it at the main store here with a wall of dollarbie poses It is a Victory pose  to celebrate her first Bento pose. I really get that as I spent much of last week wandering around (yet again) in clothes creation. Unfortunately I have no victory pose, but I do have a better understanding of the process and that is a plus.


Pose by: Helamiyo


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