After a decade Blogger introduced a new set of templates aimed at readability on all devices. After 5,555 plus posts (I just liked the way those fives came together; there really are many more) I am switching over. Hopefully this will make reading more enjoyable.



Have you visited MEVA lately?

Sometimes "life" gets in the way and shopping takes a backseat. Personally I enjoy visiting the main stores of my favorite designers. You never know what might have slipped by you at an event.

I am wearing the Thalia Catsuit which just exited Cosmopolitan as I type this. It is not yet at the main store, but Mea has been super busy this month so give her some time. Since the other Thalia products are in one spot, I am guessing that if you head HERE you will be close by. :D.  If not, you might opt of the dress or skirt set in the same style.

My necklace is Lisa Long in Gold from MEVA.

Since it is cold outside, I had a chance to wear my favorite faux fur, the *AGATA* Laila fur Jacket.

Hair by DeLa's Cheri

Pose by: Vista Animations