Pink Times Two

Pink Times Two

Now I am not a very girlie girl, but now and then I do like to play. And Candy Fair is so fun, even if YOU aren't that much of a girlie girl, it is well worth the visit.

Think Alice wandering in Disneyland's Fantasyland!

And while you are strolling though all that sugary goodness, be sure and check out the pose folks and the makeup makers -- both in abundance.

Gifts abound and my favorites are shown here.

Fashiowl - Boardgame works for one or two avatars with four sets in all.

.TeaBunny. "Desserts" Decorative Curtain gave me pause to think, and then smile.

Violetility has a brightly colored TeaCupCake

Other gifts in this post include:

**Sexy Princess** Lenia Dress Gift for SL F&O folks and G&D Ankle Boots Akira Baby Pink Group Gift.

My outfit includes some newness from Cosmopolitan.

Seniha Sweatershirt // Fatpack (singles also available) with a casual feel and great fit. For those of you that picked up the new free eBody CURVY mesh body, this fits!  Woot. So a big plus there. Grab a demo and try it out on your shape.

New -:zk:- Amandine Boots Customizable (also with a stocking option) round out my look. My leggings are a year old gift from alaskametro and I was very happy to have something to pair them with.

 My super cute and very young hair is from TUKINOWAGUMA at Tres Chic, Masi.

Poses by: Fashiowl game board and Eternal Dream