POE 10 - Favs

POE 10 Hunt 2017 - Favs

The POE10 hunt hasn't officially started, but being a good sleuth, my gal and I found a few spectacular items that you might want to check out.  This is a big and all inclusive hunt so there are lots of stops.

We let our fingers do the walking in the hunt preview list and found a fair amount of the shops via search. There are some on our list that seem to be in hiding so far as listing go, but we can always find them on the official web list tomorrow.

There are hints on the posters outside the shops and all the shops we found were ready (now, that's a surprise!).

Here is a list of the makers so you can find them when the hunt begins.

On moi (left):

IMaGE Factory Sweater Dress
!CGF- Belted White Leggings (appliers and system) there is also a very nice red sweater in the gift as well as the boots I am wearing

On Sami (right):

!!! Lune~Bleue Santa's Helper set. Both short coat and one piece skirt and tank with belt are in the gift. VERY nice!

In the H and G category we have:

StoraxTree Potted Holiday Tree w Candles & Lights
{Why Not ?} World Travel Set {Peace On Earth}

Go forth. Have fun.
We will be back with an Advent report in the morrow.

Poses by: Artis from the POE10 hunt