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Second Life Advent 2017

SL Advent 2017 - What We Will Cover!

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It is almost time for ADVENT!

Most of us love opening presents and my crew and I will be doing our own personal rounds and showing you items that you don't want to miss.

Everyone has their own style of course, and our choices will likely reflect this blog -- both in genre and preferences. We won't be going through the always very long list of advent calendars and attempting to keep those up to date. It has been a busy year and December looks to be right in line with that.

There will be a full Advent Calendar list at Teleport Hub.

Here are some of the shops that we plan on covering based on previous years.

Updated Dec 2

KittyCats - Canceled this year.

MEVA (group fee) 12 Days  Nope 24 glorious days this year!  Free group join in DECEMBER. One cabinet for gals, one for guys.

Purple Moon (group fee) over bridge to snowy outside area

7 Deadly  S[k]ins (group fee) Pay $1 and get reimbursed.

SWAY'S - Grab a hud, find the stars, touch the stars -- return on the correct day to claim your gifts.

Entice (free group) - you MUST wear your tag, then pay $25 and that gets refunded. BE SURE you have the tag on and the correct day.

Happily changed to pay $1 or $25 the way it has been in the past. Much less scary :D.

WoW Skins - in front of store

Cosmopolitan's Tree (free group) 12 Days mid month

go! (group fee)


ALB Dream Fashions (free LAMU group if you sign up before Advent)

Note that the advent calendar has been up awhile at ChiC buildings -- filed with furniture and decor "off the floor" (no time to make 24 gifts). These are NOT holiday themed which personally I think of as a plus LOL.  Find it in the central courtyard on the wall.

And if  you want to check last year's list, it is HERE

Photo credits:

Meva Shaylae Set (this is the black RARE version of the clothing plus the very pretty necklace) at Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Hair: pr!tty - Girim - :Short: - [Bang A]   at The Chapter Four. 

On Sami:
*Sexy Princess** Lenia Dress Gift for SL F&O folks

The  ChiC buildings Gift Wrapping Time decor and pose prop for up to four will be available at Linden Inworld Shopping Event (and perhaps Marketplace) mid month. 

Poses by: ChiC buildings